benqmt_Oral Scanner_20050115_522.jpg

BenQ Intraoral Scanner


High accuracy

High speed scanning

Open file format

Powder free

Active defogging 

Full color

BenQ BIS-1 is a fast, precise and high-resolution

intraoral camera for 3D color impression taking.



Navigating IntraOralScan interface

The supplied software program - IntraOralScan not only manages the order information, but also assists you in acquiring digital impressions of teeth and soft-tissue areas.
IntraOralScan is capable of exporting the scan data(in STL/OBJ format) to CAD/CAM systems for different purposes of dental care.
It can be used to scan a single tooth, multiple teeth, and whole dental arches.

Smart & Easy-to-use IMU

An IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)-based scanner.
You can directly perform the scan by swinging the scanner twice
gently and select from the menu. It is capable of tracking the
movement of the scanner and recognizing the real-time gesture.



Scan filed:12mm x 12mm

Scan principle: DLP structured light

Output: STL file format, Obj file format with texture

Connector:USB 3.0

Weight: 325g

Camera resolution: 600 x 600 pixel