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“Because it matters” is our philosophy and BenQ AB DentCare’s guide towards growth.

We see the trend and future of the dental industry and we are eager to bring the best of it to the Asia-Pacific region.

In the field of implants, we provide complete treatment plans, including an extensive line of products and 3D printing technology. Through our cloud computing, BenQ AB Guided Service is used for reducing surgical risks, increases customer satisfactions and strengthens therapeutic efficacies. Furthermore, in the future, we will apply these aspects into the cosmetic dentistry field as well. By providing high quality products and professional services, we expect to explore and expand the market in the Asia-Pacific region and we look forward to soaring to new heights.

“Thinking globally, rooting locally” BenQ AB DentCare is your most reliable partner.



2020 – BenQ intraoral scanner and lightweight reusable instruments were launched on the market.
Taiwan's first intra-oral scanners are domestically manufactured by BenQ Qisda Group. 
2014 – A big step forward for BenQ into the dental industry 2020 

As our mission is to pursue breakthroughs, we took another step forward into the dental industry in 2014. BenQ Medical Technology, a well-known brand in the domestic region, collaborated with AB Dental Device Ltd, a leading company in dental implants and oral rehabilitation. Together we established “BenQ AB Dentcare Corporation.”

Our mission is to lead a new way into the dental industry in the Asia-Pacific region.



2010 – A brand new start in the medical field for BenQ

This year was one of the milestones for BenQ.

Trident Medical Corp., a leading medical equipment manufacturing brand with numerous awards and international certifications, joined BenQ and was officially changed to “BenQ Medical Technology Corporation” in 2010. The new organization focuses on R&D and also acts as a distributor in the field of accuracy and professional medical instruments. Now, BenQ Medical Technology, which is the largest medical corporation in Taiwan, provides the best medical solutions domestically and internationally.

2001 – Establishment of BenQ

BenQ was established in 2001.

Our commitment to excellence and ongoing pursuit to discover breakthroughs have resulted in great strides that have been made from scientific fields to the medical industry, with a variety of new products and services, all in order to create better lives for people.



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