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Surgical Light

BenQ 牙科LED無影手術燈


To Satisfy Various Surgical Needs for Morden in OR


TriLite LS800 series combines the latest LED optical technology with a professional design to meet the clinical needs of various surgery teams. From the design to the material selection, every detail is a result of experience and technical improvement. This is the beginning of a new chapter in surgical light.




Superior Surgical Optical Performance


Adopting the latest generation of LED materials, and through the open-design appearance and new lens arrangement, the TriLite LS800 delivers outstanding optical performance with an advanced cavity illumination, shadow correction, focus pattern, and cold IR-free light. The cold IR-free light prevents patients' wound tissues from dryness and necrosis due to illumination heat and minimizes discomfort for both surgical team and patient resulting from long hours of operation.


Innovative Surgical Optical Technology


Combining the new generation of LED technology with multi-layer optical lens, the TriLite LS800 offers appropriate color temperature, high Ra, and high R9 while maintaining sufficient brightness. The innovative surgical LED technology enhances surgical correctness on the organ, vessel tissues, etc for a surgeon.


Full HD Resolution Camera System


The central built-in Full HD camera provides clear, high resolution images during surgeries. The surgical team can capture images and record videos with the surgical light which brings convenience and correctness to the procedure.


An Endoscopic Surgical Light Designed for MIS Surgeries


TriLite LS800's Endo Light Mode offers both of desired minimum illumination in a dark OR environment and viewing screen-image comfort in all kinds of practical MIS surgical needs for surgical teams.


Aero Dynamic Light Head Desidned for High Laminar Flow Effiency


The streamlined open-design light-head of TriLite LS800 provides excellent laminar flow penetration through the lighthead and minimizes air turbulence in the surgical field to ensure a sterile surgical environment.


Standard Specifications


Model TriLite LS800-500 TriLite LS800-700
Diameter of Lighthead(mm) 640 764
Maximum Illuminance at 1m Distance(Lux) 120,000 160,000
Light Field Diameter(mm) 130~250 135~265
Depth of Light Field(mm) 1,400 1,300
Color Temperature(K) 4,300 4,300
Color Rendering index(Ra) 97 97
Power Consumption of Lighthead 95 135
Total Irradiance 310 425
LED Average Life 50,000 50,000
Intensity Level indication 12 steps 12 steps

衛署醫器製字第 004053 號